SpiceBuddy Challenge

The Official 2018 SpiceBuddy Challenge

Think you're up for a challenge this year?  The SpiceBuddies have you covered!  Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to find the answers to 12 SpiceBuddy facts and 6 QR codes!  For each correct answer submitted, you'll receive one raffle entry!  This way, you don't need to find all the answers for your chance to win!

The raffle will be held around the SpiceBuddy booth on Wednesday, Oct 10 @ 1 PM!  You'll need to be present to win!

Legal Mumbo-Jumbo

You must be present to win!  Prizes have been donated by SpiceBuddies for use in this raffle.  Prizes are provided as-is with no expressed warranty other than any applicable manufacturer warranty.  All rights reserved.