Find a Buddy

SpiceWorld is a huge event and it can be pretty daunting for first-time attendees. For newcomers to the conference it can be difficult to find a group to chill with after-hours, especially if you came to SpiceWorld on your own. The SpiceBuddies aim to fix this with our Find a Buddy page! 

You can join the 2018 SpiceBuddies chat with this link: TBA

You can also reach out to individual SpiceBuddies by clicking the "Send a message!" link under their picture on the Meet the SpiceBuddies page.

Many of our SpiceBuddies have location tracking enabled for SpiceWorld; check out our most recent location updates below! You can click on a location link on your phone or on a PC to open up a Google Map showing where that person is.

SpiceBuddy Location Updates

The SpiceBuddies tend to get pretty involved in many of the official and unofficial events, and it's very likely you'll run into one or more of us at any of the events! Below is a map of all the locations where planned official and unofficial events are going to be taking place. Click on the sidebar button at the top left of the map to open the list of places ().

Spiceworld Map of Useful Places

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