Events & Activities

There are a ton of official and unofficial events that go on outside of the convention! We've gathered all the official Spiceworks and unofficial SpiceBuddies and vendor events on this page.

SpiceBuddy Event Flyer:
Check out our flyer for a quick reference on events, info about the program, as well as links and QR codes for more resources!  Available for download here: Image | PDF (To Be Added)

Official SpiceWorld Events:

Monday, September 23
5pm-8pm  -  Welcome Shindig & Vendor Showcase
5:15pm-6:15pm  -  SpiceWorld Newbie Bootcamp
6:30pm-7:30pm  -  SpiceWorld Newbie Bootcamp 

Tuesday, September 24
9am-10:15am  -  Welcome to SpiceWorld!
1pm-2pm  -  Keynote Speaker: Kate Darling
5:45pm-6pm  -  Happy Hour
6pm-10pm  -  Spiceworld Party

Wednesday, September 25
1:15pm-2:15pm  -  Guest Keynote Speaker: Brian Krebs
3:45pm-4:45pm  -  Raffles, Final Hurrahs, & Farewell
4:45pm-5:45pm  -  After Party

SpiceBuddies Events:

2019 5k Run - Mon-Wed, Sep 23-25 - 6am - Starting at Trinity (Event Page)

Cyali's DnD Meetup- TBD (RSVP)
Cyali's Board Game Meetup - TBD (Event Page)

Karaoke Night - Tue, Sep 24 - After ACL Party - 2am, Egos (Event Page)

Post-SpiceWorld Coffee Meetup - TBD
Post-SpiceWorld Hangout - TBD
Post-SpiceWorld Steak Dinner - TBD (RSVP)

X's Pre-SpiceWorld Mixer - Sun, Sep 22 - 7pm - 2am - Handlebar (Event Page) 
X's Annual Mixer - Mon, Sep 23 - 8:30pm - Close, Container Bar (Event Page)
X's Secret Bar Tour -  (Event Page)

Annual Vendor Events:

HPE Austin Eastciders Trip - Sun, Sep 22 - 1pm - 3pm, Austin Eastciders Collaboratory (Register Here)
CCB Midwest Happy Hour - Sun, Sep 22 - 4:30pm - 8pm, Easy Tiger (Event Page)

Unofficial events are organized by SpiceHeads rather than Spiceworks employees, but are just as fun! Check out the calendar of unofficial events below!
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